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  • Sleeper December 2, 2018
    What’s the frequency? Lots. I mean, high? It’s a high frequency? I don’t know why I started off this way, or posed this question, or why I would give REM a plug, but it’s damn interesting, since I’d just been reading about REM sleep, and not in a dream either. I’m pretty sure I was […]
  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Twombly and Me November 24, 2018
    I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I was thankful for my food. Not everyone gets to eat. Perhaps it’s the one day of the year we take real time out to think about that. Or for many of us, an additional day. Either way, we think about it while stuffing ourselves with potatoes and […]
  • Says it All November 3, 2018
    THIS. The post Says it All appeared first on Carols Bloggie.
  • Excuse Me Whilst I Blather October 27, 2018
    It feels like I’m running in place, running another dent deeper into the ground, and now I’ve made myself sick again. Lately I’ve been doing nothing much else but sleeping. I think I got too mentally overwhelmed with things. I got personal shit, mixed with a long “to-do” list, and this damn book is going […]
  • To Do or Not to Do October 6, 2018
    There’s been much to do — stuff being done and yet to be. Much junk in my head I want to pursue, and will. I just wish I had enough days, or hours where I can find myself awake to get some momentum. What can I say? I try. I’d been working on these little […]