About Moi

I set up this blog so I could ramble on about the book I’m working on called, Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley. It’s a memoir about my life that covers as far back as I can remember, up until I am 40 years old, which is a lot of years. The book will be edited by writer Lisa Teasley, which was made possible by a grant from Asylum-Arts.

“Normally,” or generally, I am a professional working artist. I am from Los Angeles, and I make “contemporary” art, which is a very vague way of saying it’s “new”-ish. It’s like saying it’s post WWII. We’ve been post war/post modern for a long time now. It could look like anything really. So when people ask me what sort of art I make, I just tell them, “it’s not realism and it’s not quite abstract. It’s just a weird, acquired taste.” Either that, or I just send them to my website: esart.com and let them decide what “it” is.

I have a few websites actually, because one is never enough. There’s the one I just mentioned, and there’s also a blog on it. It’s called “Carol’s Bloggie.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s sweeping the nation. It’s where I talk about all my introspective thoughts on being a visual artist, the process of making stuff, and sometimes I get pretty personal too.

Then there’s a couple of project sites. There’s one that just kind of sits there. I’ve kind of neglected it. It’s called, Ethereal Research Laboratories. The other site is an ongoing project I just updated called The Exodus Project which also has a blog, or is built on a blog. It’s a WordPress site like this one is. So those are the basics I guess.

What else?

I live in northeast Los Angeles with my biggest inspiration and love who also happens to be my biggest fan too, and that’s the infamous mjp – also an artist and writer. Writer mostly. He also does an amazing podcast once a month called, THIS IS NOT A TEST that will knock your fucking socks off! It’s like nothing else out there.

We also have a small dog that works for the CIA, so I can’t really disclose very much about her to you.

About Moi