About Moi

My name is Carol Es and I am a professional working artist from Los Angeles, born and raised. I make “contemporary” art — a vague way of saying art that is new. They’ve been calling art since after WWII, “post modern,” and at some point, they gave up and started calling it contemporary, but essentially, it’s the same thing.

When people ask me what sort of art I make, I just tell them, “it’s not realism.” At that point, they just don’t understand and the conversation is over. If they are still interested, I just send them to my website: esart.com and let them decide what “it” is.

It took me nearly nine years to finish Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley. HERE IS A HISTORY OF THE PROCESS.

I have a few websites actually, because one is never enough. There’s the one I just mentioned, and there’s also a blog on it. It’s called “Carol’s Bloggie.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s sweeping the nation. It’s where I talk about all my introspective thoughts on being a visual artist, the process of making stuff, and sometimes I get pretty personal too.

I also have a project site: The Exodus Project which is built on a blog. The Exodus Project took a year, or two to complete.

What else?

I live east of Downtown Los Angeles with my biggest inspiration and love who also happens to be my biggest fan: the infamous mjp – also an artist and writer. Writer mostly. Maybe you’ve heard of his stupendous podcast he does once a month called, THIS IS NOT A TEST. Listen to it. It will knock your fucking socks off! It’s like nothing else out there.

We also have a small dog that takes dictation and runs a unicorn farm. She’s pretty cute.