Final Post–Happy 2019

Hi there Everybody. This is the last post on this blog as I transition back over to the old one, Carol’s Bloggie. Thanks for sticking with me on this one through the process of writing my book.

I set this up a number of years into the writing of the book, but I’m glad I started somewhere. I will keep the blog portion of this site up as an archive of what you’ve missed in the creation of my book, and all the crazy ups and downs I went through, as there were a lot. Below is a summary of what I came to accomplish by the end of 2018. I stole this content from the first blog post of 2019 on Carol’s Bloggie:

Looking back on 2018–wow! 

Last year around this time, I went through the worst bout of depression of my life. I hired a copy editor for my book, and it didn’t work out. I let it effect me in the worst way and left writing for four months. I even decided not to publish.

Then, after 10 years of living in the same house I moved.

Once in the new house, I’d lost nearly 30 pounds from running my ass ragged. But the weight loss was a small mental boost that I needed. I got the gumption to begin life again, and I rewrote my book, from scratch. By the first of June, I had a book I was proud of that no one could invalidate.  I shopped it for a few months, but ultimately decided to market myself by building my own publishing company. And since then, in just a few months, I’ve:

— Illustrated book.

— Hired a great attorney.

— Got a new copy editor: a dream come true. She was perfect, she was professional (an an editor for Random House), and so nice.

— Set up a business (a publishing company) which included a ton of legwork and setting up:

— Business banking, budgeting plans, registration, licenses/certificates, logo, website, business plan, timelines, social media, blah, blah, blah,

— tons of research about marketing strategies, SEO crap, metadata, keywords, how the layers of Amazon works, and promotional tactics,

— getting the book published, to print, and to the finish line.

— I formatted the eBook so it would work across all devices with the pictures and still be interactive.

— Formatted the print versions.

— Joined the Independent Book Publishing Association, and NetGalley;

— began booking my blog tour.

— created press releases and Sell Sheets for independent book stores;

— designed book cover;

— registered with the Library of Congress and copyright office, got ISBNs and barcodes,

— and worked on the planning of my launch party in April at Craig Krull Gallery

Isn’t that enough??

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