Branding? Eww!

I’ve been doing more research than I care to admit, and part of having to market this book has a lot to do with figuring out your “brand.” Just the word makes me want to puke a little.

Now I’ve always been pretty good at promoting myself, but I’ve never done it in terms of branding, or by way of marketing research, or whatever. I have minimal know-how on getting my name out there, and some slight advantages on SEO stuff, but that’s always a race too. Google is always making changes to their algorithms. All you can do is make your content as relevant as possible. There are no real SEO tricks.

Branding. Jeez. The closest thing I’ve ever come to branding was when I created Dan. I really wanted him to be a kind of Brand. I still do, but dropped the ball. Now I have to read about how to seriously do it with my book and the new publishing company.

The first thing the experts suggest is to list your values and then find out from others if they match up with the actual perception you put across. That’s scary if you ask me. I could be in for a rude awakening. My values would be something like: Love, Honesty, Humor, Acceptance, Courage, and Humanity. That about covers it. I could easily double that and make it a dozen, but six is good enough. But how the hell would I know if that aligns with my “brand?” Who am I supposed to ask if I am those things, and who would want to be put in a position to have to say, “No, Carol, those are not the qualities I think of when I think of you.” I suppose I can try to be those things, best I can. But I don’t know how I come off or how I am perceived.

Maybe I’m seen as overly sarcastic. Un-serious. A big ‘ole gasbag. Fragile. Deeply disturbed, or weak? I should probably know how I’m portrayed. Maybe those are qualities I also possess, but I should know the basic gist of me “essence.”

When I think of Carol, I think of a meadow filled with wildflowers. Ha ha ha.

A hammer and sickle,

a happy face with a bullet in its head,

a doughnut,

all of Las Vegas

or, a drinking glass.

This is what’s been on my mind today.


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