Me to Me:

Look, kid, you’re in no condition to release a book like the one you’ve written. You’re way too fragile. You will need a much thicker skin, made of titanium.  Because, if you can’t take the heat now, you better get out of the kitchen fast before you burn every last bridge you thought you had, in every which way.

Spooky October. It’s the start of a new year. It’s fire season. You think I’m the one lighting the match, but I’m just being me. Sometimes people don’t like it when you become yourself, or tell the truth. People think it’s better to whistle past the graveyard and let the villains get away with their injustices.

They’d rather not know about shootings, collusion, racism, torture, rape, or anything that disturbs their blissful little world. They want to shut you up if you have something to say about it. Or they are sick of the #metoo movement. They don’t like feminists anymore, and I guess it’s out of fashion to use politically correct words. Why? It’s bad to evolve? Bad to be educated? Shame on the liberal.

I never talk about my politics. I’m not necessarily speaking of them now, just because I used the word “liberal” has nothing to do with what political party I agree with. They are all crazy! I’m talking about humans not supporting other humans. Voices getting squelched, people getting shot, and all the pretenders… all those pretenders sitting in their seats dictating when and where I can make a stand.







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