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I’m going to be doing some cross-posting here, because the stuff I’ve been up to this past week overlaps with stuff I’d like to post on Carol’s Bloggie. I suppose once I put art in the book, that was to be expected, but all of this is art, right?

I’ve started the script for the trailer. Just the beginnings of it really. It’ll be like 90 seconds. I decided I’m not going to use animation because that would just take too damn long (I wanted to do some stop-motion with clay, and that takes forever). Instead, I’m going to see what I can conjure up with the pictures and footage I already have with narration and sound.

Over the last week, when I thought it wouldn’t take me very long to do, I built a bibliography for the back of my book. Jesus christ! <– word check wants me to capitalize that, but I refuse, as I am not speaking of the person; I’m just making an exclamation. The bibliography took ages, even though I knew which references I’d been using along the way. That mattered not.

When you make a bibliography for an academic paper, you cite your references much differently than you do in a commercial book, but I found there are still rules to go by. People break these rules all the time and make up their own. Perfectly fine, as long as proper credit is given, especially if quoting other authors, transcripts, lyrics, movie lines, etc. Really, you shouldn’t call it a “bibliography” though. Not unless you put the little numbers next to the items throughout the text. The numbers should match the references in the back of the book.

Well I don’t want to use the little numbers. I think it’s too distracting, so I’m going to call the page in the back, “References,” and just list them all in alphabetical order.

Anyway, it takes up three goddamn pages! Most of them are, of course, cult references. While I still am having lawyers looking over my manuscript, I’m compiling this anyway, as it’s standard, and I need to show every resource I’ve used to back the information I talk about to thoroughly cover my ass. I suppose I could get away with a lot of what I say with saying it’s all my “opinion,” and start every sentence in that way. “In my view and opinion, this was like this, or like that,” but a lot of validity that gives it, right? There’s a reason I am pushing to publish this as nonfiction. I am inspired by books like, Queer and Present Danger by Kate Bornstein, and Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill.

I have to decide if I’m going to put a glossary in it. That takes up a lot of extra pages, but there’s a lot of cult jargon. Though, I tried to keep it to a minimum and I defined it as I went along. I have to ask some of my readers if they feel it’s needed.

In other news, I had the idea to try and launch the release of the book with my next solo show since I decided what sort of art I’ll be doing, as it pertains to Shrapnel. If I have any control over it, which I think I might, I’m shooting for spring. By then, I feel I can produce all 120 illustrations that are in the book in 5 x 7 inch watercolors with a couple lines of handwritten text. They are so small, it won’t be hard. I’ll use some lines out of the book — the words might not be in the same order, but it will be relevant to the image. I’ve been experimenting already and think I have four out of the lot that start the series now. Even if I do 10 a week (easy), I can get to 120 no problem. I’ll post one sample on the Bloggie in the next day or so.


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