Do Everything at the Same Time Right Now

I’m due to write a blog post on this site, and on Carol’s Bloggie too. I just don’t know where to start. The thought of doing both has made me procrastinate doing either. And when I have too many tasks to do, I start to go crazy. That’s what been going on lately.

I’ve been flaking out on doing the Instagram thing, which I promised myself I’d do: post an old drawing everyday, and write a little something on it. Is that so hard? Apparently, it is! I haven’t been posting anything. And Facebook? Forget about it. I’ve never been one to go on there in the first place. Not a fan. Who knows how to work it? Anybody?

There are other social media sites I’ve dropped the ball on and I’m afraid I’ve lost my momentum. I’ll have to get on the horn and get it all back somehow, especially before the book is released. I don’t know when that is exactly, but once I know, I’ll be back.

Then there’s art. I should be making art! What have I been doing other than a brush stroke here and a line of drawing there? Writing. I’ve either been writing, or sleeping! I’m on new medication that is wiping me out. Hopefully, it will pass as I get used to it. If not, I have to try a different one. I nod off doing shit all the time.

So what’s happening on the book front? Where you at, Carol? I said I’d tell you. Do I lie? Not really. Maybe I don’t tell you everything, but I keep ya’ll in the loop as much as you need to know.

Well, I’m at somewhat of an impasse. Not wholly, but I can see I’m probably coming up on one. I finished the book 10 weeks ago now, but as far as getting on the plan/road — prepared to publish — it is really week eight or nine. This means I’ve waited out the first batch of submissions I’ve sent. When you haven’t received a rejection note, or anything at all, it means those are all a “no.”

I sent a second batch three weeks later. I’ve pretty much waited out most of those, along with the letters I’ve received — most of them encouraging by the way. No one has been shitty. They all have said it’s a great concept, great writing, but not quite within their wheelhouse. I understand. Maybe it’s an odd book. There’s a lot of subject matter in there, and there’s some of it that people don’t want to get involved in. Other agents wonder how they can sell it to a publisher, and probably have doubts. They also want me to have a crazy big social platform. It’s the thing now with authors. You must have that.

I did get a few little nibbles after the most recent batch, which included indy presses. Some of those have even longer wait periods. A couple were six months. I don’t think I want to wait that long for an answer. If they wanted to publish the book, I’d have to wait another I-don’t-know-how-long before it hit stores and Amazon. I just assume write those submissions off. The problem with most indy publishers is that they only publish a limited number of books per year, yet the whole world is submitting to them.

Right now I’m doing a waiting game, for a little while anyway, and also weighing some options (that I’m fortunate enough to have). I’m not being pressured to decide right away, so that’s a good thing. I may go with a new small press.

Now, what’s on my mind otherwise? What have I been up to, and why does my brain hurt? It’s got a lot to do with elements of the book. While writing my epic proposal, and I mean, I don’t think I could have done any better with it, I made some new decisions to put some visual art in the book. I don’t know if I mentioned that before. I was probably on the fence about it before. It takes up a lot of pages doing that, but I think it will make for a more dynamic/interesting thing. Just simple black and white pen drawings. Real preliminary/crude kinda things dispersed throughout the story. I’d make a lot of new drawings, and, I can use some that I’ve already done in the past, even some from Carol Es une Monographie de Lignes.

What think yous?


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One thought on “Do Everything at the Same Time Right Now

  1. Matt jose August 20, 2018 / 10:50 am

    I def like the idea of drawings throughout the book. Will add visual layers for the reader. And who doesn’t love looking at pictures right??

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