The Interview of the Century

It’s here! The interview you’ve all been waiting for. A world exclusive. Take a listen to the conversation I had with Michael Phillips (A.K.A. mjp) on THIS IS NOT A TEST, now available for download or streaming.

I say it’s exclusive because, not only is this the first time I’ve spoken publicly about about my book — and of course the first interview I’ve done about it — but it’s also the first time I’ve spoken out about a couple other things. A little nerve-wracking is what it is. However, I figure, if I can survive all the shit I’ve already survived in my life, I can get through this, whatever may come.

I’ve always pretty much been an open book, no pun intended. I have reasons for doing that, for being this way. Although it’s been brought into question as of recent weeks, I am happy to answer to it. Anyone is free to comment. I will either answer, or I won’t. 😉

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