Day 26, A.D.

It’s coming up on a month since I finished the book now. I’ve had to make a number of tweaks, little additions, corrections, and a few date changes.

For instance, somehow, I referred to the 9-11 incident as September 11th, 2004. What the hell? Twice I wrote it. I swear, I’m losing my mind. Good thing I wrote a book so I can refer back to my life when I lose all faculties completely.

As these writing changes were made, I had a small group of people read the manuscript for various reasons: proofing (multiple eyes), fact-checking (people that were there), clarity, and opinions about very specific things. Very specific, because I wouldn’t want to, nor can I, control people’s over all experience. I only wanted to know if they were engaged, and I suppose it’s been important to me, if, at any point, I got at least one laugh out of them. šŸ˜‰

In a not so funny story, I tried to insert as much comic relief as I could at appropriate moments (and maybe not so appropriate moments), because sometimes, there’s just nothing else to do in the face of tragic events but see the absurdity in it.

Anyway, after I cleaned up the pages, received my answers, and got opinions that I didn’t even ask for (oh boy!), I peeled myself off the floor, wiped my tears and sent out my first round of submissions to some of the top agencies in NYC. My plan — to start at the tippy-top and work my way down.

Now, I’ve been learning about this whole publishing a book thing as I go along, like anyone would. I’ve read a ton over the last year about how it all works, sought out forums, and asked people questions, even when they seemed stupid and rookie. What do I care how I come across? I’m trying to get from point A to point B, and I’m clear on what I want. I’m ambitious and have finite goals. My plans are set according to those goals. What can I say? I’m just built this way.

I know it’s not good to bombard the entire NY literary agency landscape with your book queries all at the same time. It’s just tacky. Also, each agency, depending on their size, haveĀ  a roster of agents that are looking for different types of books — some loved more than others — and then they have a variety of tastes within those genres. Each agent wants you to contact them in a unique manner, and their instructions on how to do that are very particular. You must also see if they’re even accepting submissions at the moment. You should be personal with your letter too. Who wants a stupid form letter? If you got a thousand letters a day that asked you to read a thousand books, which kind of letter would you rather read?

So, doing some research about whom you are writing to, and the agency they’re working for is probably a good idea. Why them? Why are they a good match for you? Tell them.

Then, you have to wait four to six weeks for a response.

It all takes time before the next round of submissions go out.

I’m doing this routine until my lists of agents are totally exhausted, if in fact, I’m rejected from them all. Which may be the case. And if and/or when that happens, Operation Imprint Direct goes into play. See? I have it all planned out. I have it planned out until the bitter end, I do, I do.

I’ve written a 300 (280) word synopsis of the book for the site now and am constantly reediting it to make it better and better. I’m also trying to get people to sign up on GoodReads to follow me. Agents want to see your social media following, especially on GoodReads. If you read this, please partake.

I’m about to send out my newsletter. Please JOIN MY MAILING LIST if you haven’t yet. Tell your friends. And lookĀ listen out for me in July on THIS IS NOT A TEST podcast. I’m being interviewed by the infamous mjp.

Until later…

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2 thoughts on “Day 26, A.D.

  1. Linda Cohen June 27, 2018 / 1:28 am

    Make friends with the people at your local bookstore(s) as they are the people who will be getting the word out about your book & can really make a huge difference.

    • Carol Es June 27, 2018 / 2:23 pm

      Thanks Linda. I thought about this at one time, but then forgot, so thanks for the reminder. I have to stick this on my list of all the promotional things I have to do once it gets publish no matter what route I take. If I self-publish, I’m looking at a full time job of getting the book out there and noticed on Amazon, blah blah. And, even if I do publish it traditionally with a pub house, I’ll still have to promote it myself in addition to whatever they do with it. Can’t rely on representation alone.

      Now I’m off to check out your blog!

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