For Crying Out Wolf

Last we spoke, I was writing my last four pages, wasn’t I? Then I was going to do a read-through. Seemed simple enough. Well…

as I did the read-through, I only discovered about a billion mistakes. Not only that, it still wasn’t reading the way I wanted it to. That editor’s mitts were still all over it: words I’d never use, sentences structured in bat-shit crazy ways. How did I miss all of this?

Well I realized that I didn’t exactly bring that great confidence I was so wonderfully gaining until mid-way through the book. I was gradually putting my voice back in there, but probably not completely until the last quarter of the “read-through” (now, the re-edit). From there, the second time around went much faster.

So this 12 day “snag” resulted in an even better book, I think, and I’m feeling even better about it than before. Though, I did go through a couple of very low points. I was certain it was shit. I have gone through this kind of thing more times than I can count! Now I have just resigned myself to the fact that I’m too close to this goddamned thing and I have no idea what it is; I’m just glad I have ended it on a feeling of confidence. I will try to hang on to this moment’s memory from here on. But at least I am done! That’s something, right?

I’m done, but there’s a hook. (OF COURSE!)

Since I went through it once thinking it was all but perfect, I found many gross mistakes. And this second time around and throughout repeating my tracks on clusters of paragraphs, it was happening again. So I am quite certain now that it needs proofing before I let anyone read it.

Two problems with proofing though. First of all, it costs money; secondly, proofing typically renders much more than my needs. Because a proofreader is going to check and edit for spelling, punctuation, typos, incorrect use of (regional) English, as well as syntax (in many cases). That’s not what I want. The last thing I need is another editor changing anything! I have gone through this with a fine-tooth comb now, making sure the words I’ve used are in the order I want them to be. For instance, sometimes I wanted a sentence to read:

“Then, I wanted to go home.”

Other times I’d want it to read:

“I then wanted to go home.” 

It all depends and I don’t want anyone fucking with that. That’s the basic principal of what I’m talking about. Unless it is an obvious mistake:

“I then wanted to then go home.”

I do not want it altered. What I need help with is the above example and obvious mistypes, unfinished and dropped words:

“The quick burn fox jump over lazy dog”

Nothing more. (Well, maybe that missing period too.) I just don’t want anyone’s opinion about how the sentence would read better if it were reworded or how the grammar is incorrect either. It is written in a casual and conversational speak, plus, the grammar is already 95 percent correct. I don’t give a shit about the bit that isn’t. I also don’t give a shit about my made-up words, like putting “y” on the ends of some of my words, or purposeful misspellings such as these. I very rarely do it anyway. I also probably think there are way more mistakes than there actually are.

But as far as how to proof this thing, basically, stay off of my lawn, is the sentiment. 🙂

The sooner I can find someone to do this for me, someone I can trust who would do it for free (it will be a long wait!), the sooner I can move forward. Until then, I am considering posting a random sample chapter. …I said I am considering it. Let me think about it.

Time to take a little time off before getting back to the studio.

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2 thoughts on “For Crying Out Wolf

  1. Carol Es November 7, 2017 / 7:34 pm

    Yes. Finally! Thanks Kel. 🙂

  2. Kel November 7, 2017 / 4:36 pm

    It might be a puzxle, but at least you have all the pieces.

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