Ready or Not

It’s been some time and I’ve been on a break from this book since June. Now it’s back in my hands from the copy editor and I’m already working on the suggested edits.

It’s been almost surreal not having the book to work on everyday. I almost stopped thinking about it! But of course that’s really an impossible task. I also fear that when it’s done (if it ever is), what will I do with myself??

In any case, I have it now and it’s much shorter. There are maybe a quarter of the things that got cut that sting. Some of those things may get incorporated back in to the story in much shorter versions. Or I’ll have to write another book some day with many, many of these gem-like stories because I just can’t possibly tell all my stories in one book.

My main issue that I am hearing from all my editors and mentors is that I write too much about other people and their stories than I do about my feelings and what I’m going through. And this just turns my mind upside down because I know it is some kind of avoidance.

Most of my experiences in my past weren’t really good ones and for almost a couple decades, I was really out of it. I honest to God don’t know what I was feeling, and it’s just too complicated to describe it all clearly. I think it may be a bigger job than I can handle or have the objectivity for.

And not only that, I have to try to make it all short!

But despite all that, I’m still going to do my best.

I’ll tell you one thing though, if I can’t get a major publisher to take this book and I wind up self-publishing it, it will not be short! It will have an extra 100-150 pages. Why not? I’ll get to do whatever I want.

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One thought on “Ready or Not

  1. Bev Kaye October 12, 2017 / 2:10 am

    Your story is so unique, it needs to be told, and in your own voice. Kudos for getting so far in this daunting process.

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