Pants on Fire

So, I am a liar. That’s what I am. I must be. Or crazy. Or both. I have lost track as to how many times I have said that I was leaving the book alone. How many times have I said, “I’m done?” Even I don’t believe me anymore.

But here I am, back into the thick of it again. Of course, not nearly as intense as the other times. In just a few days I’m already half way through the whole book with a half re-write/half edit sort of situation. It’s going quickly. And at least every time I do this I am happier with the results. It’s just a few things were still bugging me. A few things felt too long like they needed mention instead of whole chapters to themselves, and a few things needed to be switched around in order to bring them to a head or for them to make sense to the reader — even if they happened in a different order in real life. It’s still a story after all.

Not all real stories are compelling all the way through. I know I have a compelling story and I know I’m a good story teller, but that doesn’t mean I should let the lully parts stay and pad them for the sake of storytelling. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry. It makes sense to me.

While it’s still a super long book, I’m cutting quite a lot of it again. Publishing anything nonfiction over 120k words is really unheard of in this business. Maybe I forgot to mention that. Even 100,000 words is really the limit an agent will read. I’ll end up somewhere around 175k+ so I know what I’m up against.

But then I keep thinking about how many works of nonfiction, or even novels out there that have been published that are much longer than that. Someone thought to publish those.

Anyway, I’ll be done with this pass very soon and will be back to trying to make my decision about who’s going to copy edit.

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