Excitement: Back on the Table

I’ve known me for a long time now, and I know that I hate to leave things lying dormant – for any period of time. And that’s what I was doing. This in itself was greatly contributing to my depression.

No movement on the book was driving me insane. It’s been with someone who was/is/can copy edit probably better than anyone else I know, but he hasn’t had the time, and, I’m even not sure I want him to be the one to do it. It’s complicated.

However, it’s been important to me that the book be finished by the end of the summer. I can’t say why exactly, but that’s when I want to approach agents with it, and that’s when some of the topics in my story will become relevant. Maybe that can spark more interest, I don’t know. But if it could up my chances even a teeny bit more, I’ll take it.

So for now I’ve been looking for a new copy editor. The only problem is that it is very expensive. The quotes I’ve been getting are just too high. I can only afford so much. Oh, and you get what you pay for too. I am also not willing to settle for someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

It’s interesting how anyone can call themselves an editor. As long as you know how to rank your website high enough and get a lot of business testimony, it doesn’t matter what kind of grasp you have on the English language, what schooling you’ve had, or whatever. You can even act all defensive if you’re asked about your qualifications! (I thought it was a legitimate question.) Just because I didn’t go to college doesn’t mean I don’t want my copy editor to have an education. I actually do have a college level 4.0 grade average when I took English literature by the way – for the record, though, not my point. The copy editor I was waiting on has a high school education and is crazy intelligent, just as my first editor who has an ivy league college education is too. It doesn’t matter, but how well read are you? Is The Elements of Style your friend? Don’t worry because you won’t need it with my book anyway. Ha!

There are different kinds of editing, as I may have mentioned before. I think I linked to a webpage that defined the differences. I’ve been learning that some people slice up the differences even more, most likely to squeeze more money out of you. I mean, that’s the minority really, but they are out there. I forget what some of those subdivision are even called now, but they become meaningless, in my opinion.

Some people do split up copy editing and line editing as two different services. It’s true they are two different things, but if you are going to copy edit a manuscript, you are basically going to do the line editing too. How can you not?

Copy editing takes care of everything line editing does: punctuation, misspellings, some grammar issues, typos, and other errors, as well as formatting. Copy editing is different because it’s a lot more in depth. The copy editor is checking for consistency, syntax, changing up your clumsy wording while keeping your voice, fact checking, plus correcting all your mistakes. They may even make suggestions about how the story might read better, or anything else.

Then there’s proofreading: the least invasive and benign. They just read it over and make sure it’s all good – free of mistakes and typos.

Before any of this, someone (like me) can chose to hire a developmental editor who is a kind of mentor who helps you to steer the story. There are some editor services out there that split this service too. There’s one price for developmental editing, and an even bigger price for mentoring. Okay, fine. I guess I understand now that I’ve been through it, but Lisa is a friend of mine so I never considered her keeping me sane(ish) throughout the process a “service.” But perhaps it is a far bigger service than I ever considered.

So, now I am waiting on the last two estimates hoping they are – one of them in particular – financially reachable. If not, I go back to the busy one who waits. I’m sure you all can guess who he is by now.

At least there is movement on this, which brings back my hope, my excitement, and yes, even some happiness.

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