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Revamping this website (been a bitch! I’m hating WordPress right now), and the book is now in the hands of a professional proofreader. I also finished all the illustrations. And here’s a secret: I’m in negotiation with one publisher (so far!).


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Inspiration Musings Process
August 20, 2018

Do Everything at the Same Time Right Now

I’m due to write a blog post on this site, and on Carol’s Bloggie too. I just don’t know where to start. The thought of doing both has made me…

Process Resources
July 27, 2018

No Rest, Ever

I’ve been sick today, not much going on, but I did manage to get a few queries out to some agencies. This has been the story of my life though.

Inspiration Process Resources
July 23, 2018

Different Opinion or Bad Fish Day?

It hasn’t yet been a week since my last post, but I’m cracking down on my “plans” now, only in a different way. No rules! First of all, people and…

July 19, 2018

Pushing On

Not that I was looking for it (<– not true at all), but it took a long time to get that praise from mjp regarding my book. If you haven’t…