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November 11, 2018

At a Snail’s Pace

There’s nothing that keeps me more awake at night than moving at a snail’s pace on a project, especially when it’s out of my hands. I suppose it doesn’t make…

November 3, 2018

Brinks and Bricks

What is new here? What’s up with Shrapnel? How close? How far away? What’s the story? Does it matter anymore?

October 29, 2018

Me to Me:

Look, kid, you’re in no condition to release a book like the one you’ve written. You’re way too fragile. You will need a much thicker skin, made of titanium.  Because,…

October 15, 2018

For a Minute

Pictures! Pictures! I nearly forgot the pictures. No I didn’t. That’s not true. Well, kind of. For a minute I did.