No, this is not the story about the single set of footsteps of Jesus carrying me on the beach. That’s what I think of whenever I see that something is entitled “Footsteps.”

This is about following over your own footsteps in editing, going over another pass through a chapter, section, or a whole manuscript you’ve been working on time and time again. Polishing, refinishing, and all that. Of course, there does need to be some kind of “scratch track” there first before you can really start going over those initial footsteps.

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Milestone #8

First, welcome to my writer’s blog. I’m going to be using this thing specifically for “the writing process,” like a past and present diary, and plan to share what’s on the path as I learn to get better.

Like most people, I have never written a memoir before. It was not an easy task and I have a lot to express about what it took to get here. Not only that, I want to keep track of how far I still have to go. Perhaps that will be of some interest to some.

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